Restoring Stone and Tiles

The process of how to polish stone floors begins with a basic overview of how the stone is cleaned after being exposed to dust and debris over time. Polishing stone is no different than polishing wood or ceramic materials as far as how the stone is cleaned. What makes stone so special is that because of the unique characteristics of the natural stone it can be almost impossible to produce a polished surface from natural stone without the use of grinding stone machines. Polishing stone and marble are very different however, and the processes involved in marble polishing and stone grinding have little to do with how to polish stone floors.

Polishing a stone surface is like refinishing wood on a wood floor over time, using a variety of tools to remove scratches, stains, and other imperfections on the surface to create a new shine. Unlike refinishing wood flooring, marble polishing is a time consuming process that requires grinding, scraping, sweeping, dusting, or vacuuming. In addition to how frequently a homeowner polishes a house s floor, the time involved in the process, and the relative effort involved in performing it, there are other variables that impact the price to polish marble or granite stone. If a homeowner does not want to hire a professional stone polishing company, the price will be significantly higher than if a marble polishing company were hired to perform the job. The homeowner may also wish to consider buying and using natural stone polishing products to achieve the same polished look at a lower cost.

The first step in marble or granite stone polishing involves finding a good, solid grinding tool. Some homeowners choose to purchase their own power stone grinder and implement the process by hand, but most grinding tools can be purchased at a local hardware store or office supply store. Once the power grinder has been purchased, it should be inspected for flaws and tune-up according to manufacturer’s instructions before use. Stones that have many small facets should be ground dry and then set aside to air dry.

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